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Recover your authority over your files and close and/or delete any locked ones
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Files can get locked due to various reasons – an app or process has “hijacked” the file and won’t let you close it or delete it, another user in a network is apparently working on that same file... Whatever the reason that triggers the well-known “Cannot delete the file: the file is used by another person or program” error message (or a similar one), ThisIsMyFile offers you a simple and straightforward way of unlocking your file so that you can close it or delete it.

Both the app and its interface couldn’t be simpler and more efficient. Whenever you come across the error message mentioned above or that other one that tells you that “The action can’t be completed because the file is open in...”, just open ThisIsMyFile and regain your authority over your documents in two simple steps. The program works for individual files as well as entire folders and subfolders that get blocked and inaccessible for whatever reason. Actually, the app is so powerful that – if used carelessly – it is capable of erasing your entire operating system. If you are not too sure about what it is that you are about to delete, you’re advised to check with a system administrator first.

Once you have selected the offending file, you can first check which program or process has blocked your file, or – if you know what you’re doing – just tell the app to unlock or delete it right away. Stubborn files may still find a way to ignore the program’s order – in that case, you can use the “reboot and delete” option, which will restart your computer and will delete the file in question at startup. This is the action that has the potential of deleting all your operating system, so use it wisely and carefully.

ThisIsMyFile is a simple and free tool designed to solve a simple and common Windows inconvenience. As long as you take the necessary precautions not to delete sensitive files or directories, this is certainly one of those free little apps that everyone should have installed on their system.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Terminates processes that block files
  • Different solutions for different file-locking issues
  • Deletes entire locked folders and subfolders


  • There's the potential danger of accidentally deleting the entire OS
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